Do Pre-Workout Supplements Actually Work ? Truths Revealed

What Are Pre Workout Supplements ?

Working out in the gym can be really hard. On top of it following the regular routine to hit the gym is even harder. Hence, it becomes even important to make the most of the workout time you spend in the gym.

This is where a pre workout supplement which could do wonders to your workout routine and ultimately help you in a long run. This will enable you to have much needed energy to lift weights, perform workouts even for a longer period of time. This cycle if repeated daily with proper legal steroids could help you make quick gains sooner rather than later.

benefits of pre-workout

How To Choose Your Pre-Workout Supplement ?

Choosing a pre-workout supplement is as crucial as doctor recommending a right medicine to the patient. A doctor cannot recommend a diabetic tablet to a patient who is suffering from high blood pressure. If done so, his diabetes might not be controlled and taking the blood pressure controlling medicine could have adverse affects on his body.

In the same way, you need to choose your pre-workout supplement wisely. If you are in a cutting cycle, you need to take a workout which reduces fat and provides you with the optimum energy required for the workout.

On the other hand, if you are in bulking stage, then you need to choose a pre-workout supplement which retains muscle mass from being lost and makes your body look bulkier and provides you with great energy rush to pick heavier weights which will lead to muscle bulking activity.

Hence, choosing a pre-workout becomes really essentials as it will decide how bumpy your ride would be till you reach your goal. This pre-workout supplement review might help in shedding some light on one of the most talked about pre-workout substance.

Main Ingredient - Pre-Workout


From the day, pre-workout supplements came into existence, caffeine has been its main constituent. Caffeine is responsible for providing an ultimate boost which in turn increases the blood supply in the organs and hence, you will be able to lift heavier weights and workout for longer period of time. 

It stimulates the body’s central nervous system, improves reaction time, body’s stimulus response and can reduce fatigue as well. You need to read out the ingredient section printed on the supplement bottle, the percentage of caffeine need not be higher. If it is so, in that case you need to move to other supplement because higher amount of caffeine consumption would lead to higher blood pressure which will hinder your performance in the longer run and will also impact your vital organs.

Ref- Caffeine and Exercise

Nitric Oxide Precursors

The main importance of Nitric Oxide is to relax blood vessels and improve blood flow. This will lead to higher oxygen content in your organs, post which you will feel energised and will have higher capacities lift weight and continue your workout for longer period of time.

Other natural substance that could be taken in order to increase nitric oxide constituent are L-arginine, L-citrulline, and sources of dietary nitrates, such as beetroot juice (2Trusted Source).

For more information, you may refer to this article where PubMed talks about the effect of Nitric Oxide on human body.


The doctors and researchers have concluded that the substance which is mainly responsible for energy production and muscular strength is Creatine.  It is also produced by our body as well. The main substance responsible for creatine is protein.  But if we were to take creatine directly, that will also work for the body.

As a result our body will have access amount of creatine stored as reserves and could easily be used for helping improve recovery time, muscle mass, strength, and exercise performance (5Trusted Source). 

For these very reason, it is included as the main constituent in the pre-workout supplements.

Who Should Take Pre-Workout Supplement ?

Any person who is looking to extract more out of their workout routine on regular basis are advised to consume this one. It can easily be used to enhance physical performance and energy during the gym session.

Although you may say that consuming pre workout will help your body to increase performance. But as you may know that there is no short cut for success. Hence, you still need to put in hours and hours session in gym and spend a good chunk of your daily time in the gym.

These things in a longer run will not only help you in increasing your over all fitness but they will also boost up your confidence and widen your social circle. As people generally would look to be more friendly towards someone who is better looking than any average person.


The dosage of you pre workout supplement will wholly and solely depend on you.  The more you consume it the more rush you will feel during the workout. But it is generally advised by physicians and doctors that you do not take anything more than 15mg to 20 mg within one scoop or with single dosage.

A regular consumption is advised, there is no hard and fast cycle for pre-workout supplement. Hence, the dosage will ideally depend on your workout routine and your gym exercising level.

A person who has just started regular gym session need not take much as the amount of exercise time and weight lifting capacities will be low.

On the other hand, a professional or a intermediary person who has been regularly spending quiet a few hours at gym will need more of it.